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About Us



To be a non-profit foundation of a social nature, providing quality services for the holistic care of the mental and spiritual health for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment in situations of abuse in all its modalities, focused on children and adolescents. To propitiate an environment for the education of the family members, guardians or principal caretakers and the community, in search of the improvement of the quality of life, from a perspective of children’s rights, that would allow them a strengthening of their being for a suitable social development.



To be a leading institution in the individual, family and social development process that optimizes the life project of children and adolescents, guaranteeing the fundamental rights of children thereby improving the living conditions.

Service Providers:

Dr. Carlos Ramos

Dr. Michelle Carrión

Dr. Patricia Alcántara

Family Counseling
Family Psychological Counselor

Gisela Cordero

Spiritual Counseling
Pastor Selmy Monrouzeau

Community Workshops

Mrs. Patricia Alcántara, Speaker

Mrs. Christy Muller, Speaker

Population to be served​
Children between the ages of 3 and 17, victima of abuse in any of its modalities. Their parents, guardians or caregivers.



  • Self-esteem

  • Responsability

  • Love 

  • Solidarity

  • Spirituality

  • Personal Growth

Collaborative Agreements

Albizu University
NUC University
Interamerican University - Arecibo Campus

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